Forensic Services

Forensic Services

Our forensic services division is fully equipped with the latest technology in the market. Whether you require a full fledge forensic review, an investigation relating to minor violations or cyber related matter, our experts are well positioned to be able to help you in your crisis. In times of crisis, time is of the essence as you are normally racing against time. Our approach is catered towards saving time and achieving results in short span without wasting resources. This approach saves our clients’ money and efforts. We pride ourselves in giving an honest advise, if we feel the case has less merits, we are always up front with our clients and may opt to decline taking on a case based on information provided to us. We work based on trust, respect and integrity and we do not compromise on our principles.

Generally we are employed by the clients to conduct investigations in matters relating to white collar crimes and cybercrimes. We work alongside legal counsels and external lawyers and provide forensic and investigation support for cases that have been filed in public prosecution or courts. We work on civil and criminal cases based on our clients’ requirements. It is essential in our business to understand the clients’ needs, based on our understanding we devise a plan in agreement with our clients and execute it accordingly.

    Our aim is to use our unique experiences and expertise gained over a period of time with our own insights derived from the experience. We are passionate about supporting our clients in achieving their business goals and targets. Using these invaluable insights, we want to deliver quality solutions to increase our client’s productivity.


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